About Us

Harold Kunau and his business partner opened A-1 Appliance Service in 1958 after Harold graduated high school. Harold then married and had one daughter and two sons, who helped stock parts and repair appliances in their father's shop as they grew up. A-1 was renamed to A-OK Appliance Service.

As an adult, Harold's youngest son took more of an active role running his father's business. He continues the business that his father started more than 60 years ago.

In 1991, A-OK Appliance Service merged with our largest competitor in southern Colorado, D3 Appliance Service.

Now known as D3/A-OK Appliance Service, Inc., our business has seen the area develop and expand for half a century. We started out only servicing Colorado Springs and now have grown to the largest appliance repair company servicing the southern Front Range region, including Pueblo, Castle Rock, Trinidad, Limon and Buena Vista.

We started with only 1-2 repairmen and have grown to 15 certified appliance service technicians.

The traditions of good values and good service that began more than 60 years ago continue to this day.

Call us at 719-574-3344 or schedule an appointment right here on our website. At D3/A-Ok, we look forward to putting your appliances back to work.