Scheduling a Service Call with D3/A-Ok

When scheduling your service appointment online, you will be given a 4 hour time window in which the technician is scheduled to arrive. Our technicians make their own routes on the day of service based on the homes they have on their route. If you would like the technician to call ahead, meet you there or any additional information we should know, please put it in the "Comments" box.

Warranty Calls

In order for us to file your warranty claim, you must provide model, serial, date of purchase and the source from whom your purchased your appliance.

Even if your appliance is not under warranty, please provide model and serial numbers. This will greatly improve our chance of repairing your appliance in one visit. A good explanation of your appliance problem will also help us to know what part(s) to bring with us.

Places to check for your model and serial tag

  • Refrigerators – across the top or bottom, inside the door frame, on the wall or ceiling, behind the kickplate on the bottom of the unit, on the back of the unit
  • Ranges – along the inside door frame, inside the wall of the oven, on the door of the oven, on the inside or frame of the drawer
  • Washers and Dryers – under lid, in the frame of the unit when door is open
  • Dishwashers – inside frame of door, on the wall inside of unit
  • Wallovens – inside frame of door, on the wall inside the oven
Call us at 719-574-3344 or schedule an appointment right here on our website. We look forward to putting your appliances back to work.